Chin Augmentation

Customizes the chin's shape and size to align with the individual's gender identity, enhancing facial harmony and confidence.

Chinaugmentation | pacific sound plastic surgery

Facial Masculinization

Enhances masculine facial features through procedures like jaw reshaping, chin augmentation, and forehead contouring.

Facialmasculinization | pacific sound plastic surgery

Facial Feminization

Tailors facial features to be more traditionally feminine, involving procedures such as brow lift, jaw and chin contouring, and rhinoplasty.

Facialfeminization | pacific sound plastic surgery

Forehead Reduction

Decreases the height of the forehead for a more proportionate facial appearance through hairline lowering or contouring techniques.

Foreheadreduction | pacific sound plastic surgery

Jaw Surgery

Customizes the jawline's shape and size to align with the individual's gender identity, significantly improving facial harmony and self-esteem.

Jaw reduction surgery (genioplasty) bellevue | pacific sound plastic surgery

Tracheal Shave

Adam's apple reduction, minimizes the prominence of the thyroid cartilage in the neck for a smoother contour.

Trachealshave | pacific sound plastic surgery

Non Binary Top Surgery

Adjusts chest appearance to match an individual's unique gender identity beyond conventional male or female norms.

Nonbinarytopsurgery | pacific sound plastic surgery

FTM Top Surgery

Removes breast tissue to create a masculine chest, supporting transgender men in aligning their appearance with their gender identity.

Ftmtopsurgery | pacific sound plastic surgery

MTF Top Surgery

MTF top surgery uses implants or fat transfer to create breasts that align with a transgender woman's gender identity.

Mtftopsurgery | pacific sound plastic surgery

Gender Affirming
Body Contouring

Gender-affirming body contouring sculpts the body to align with one's gender identity through tailored cosmetic procedures.

Genderaffirmingbodycontouring | pacific sound plastic surgery

Facial Implants

Gender-affirming facial implants customize facial contours to better align with an individual's gender identity, enhancing features to match their true self.

Genderaffirming facialimplants | pacific sound plastic surgery