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Facial Feminization

What is Facial Feminization Surgery?

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is a collection of cosmetic surgical procedures designed to alter facial features to appear more traditionally feminine, often sought by transgender women, gender non-conforming individuals, and cisgender women desiring more feminine facial traits. At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery in Bellevue, WA, Dr. Kristopher M. Day specializes in these transformative procedures, tailoring each surgery to the individual’s specific goals and facial structure.


Common procedures in FFS that Dr. Day might perform include forehead contouring to soften the brow ridge, rhinoplasty for a more feminine nose shape, cheek augmentation to enhance fullness, and lip augmentation for fuller lips. He also offers chin and jaw contouring to refine the lower face, Adam’s apple reduction for a smoother neck profile, and hairline lowering to adjust the forehead size and shape.


Dr. Day’s approach to FFS at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery emphasizes creating results that align with each patient’s unique identity and aesthetic goals, ensuring a personalized and compassionate experience. He encourages individuals considering FFS to consult with him to discuss their aspirations, expectations, and any questions they may have about the procedures and their outcomes.

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Cheek Augmentation

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A cheek augmentation is one of the main procedures involved in facial feminization surgery. Your surgeon will either perform a fat transfer, undergo bone grafting, or use implants to create more supple, sculpted cheeks.


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A rhinoplasty, or nose job, can be an important facial feminizing procedure. This often involves reducing the size of the nose, narrowing the bridge, and refining and slightly upturning the tip of the nose.

Lip Augmentation

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Lip augmentation is another surgery performed for facial feminization. You can either undergo a fat transfer, surgical lip lift or inject dermal fillers to create fuller, more pouty lips.

Forehead Contouring

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Forehead contouring that seeks to reduce bony prominence above the eyebrows helps feminize the upper face. A brow lift can be performed in combination with this to elevate the sides of the eyebrows, round out the upper orbit, and eliminate features of the male pattern hairline.

Jaw Contouring

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Jawline contouring is often the main procedure in facial feminization surgery. It involves creating a softer, less chiseled, more tapered, and sometimes narrower jaw through removing portions to reshape the bone.

Good Candidates for Facial Feminization Surgery

Good candidates for Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) with Dr. Kristopher M. Day at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery in Bellevue, generally include:

  • Transgender Women and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals: Those who wish to align their facial features more closely with their gender identity often seek FFS as part of their transition. It can significantly aid in social transitioning and in feeling more comfortable in one’s own skin.

  • Cisgender Women Seeking More Feminine Features: Some cisgender women may also opt for FFS to enhance or alter specific facial features to appear more traditionally feminine according to their personal aesthetic goals.

Ideal candidates should meet the following criteria:

  • In Good Overall Health: Candidates should be free from any medical conditions that could impair healing or increase surgical risks.

  • Have Realistic Expectations: Understanding the capabilities and limitations of FFS is crucial. Dr. Day ensures his patients have a clear grasp of what the surgery can realistically achieve.

  • Non-smokers or Willing to Quit: Smoking can hinder the healing process, so candidates should be non-smokers or willing to quit smoking well in advance of the surgery and throughout the recovery period.

  • Psychological Readiness: Due to the significant and visible nature of the changes that FFS can bring, candidates should be psychologically prepared for the transition and have a strong support system in place.

A thorough consultation with Dr. Day is essential to discuss individual goals, assess suitability for the various procedures involved in FFS, and to plan a surgical approach that is carefully tailored to each patient’s needs and desired outcomes.

Preparing for Facial
Feminization Surgery

Preparing for Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) with Dr. Day at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, involves several important steps to ensure the best possible outcomes and a smooth recovery:

  1. Consultation: The first step is a thorough consultation with Dr. Day. This is an opportunity to discuss your goals, concerns, and the details of the procedures. Dr. Day will evaluate your facial structure and recommend a personalized treatment plan.

  2. Medical Evaluation: Dr. Day may request medical evaluations or lab tests to ensure you’re in good health for surgery. It’s important to disclose any medical conditions or medications during your consultation.

  3. Medication Adjustment: You may need to adjust your current medications or supplements as some can increase the risk of bleeding. Dr. Day will provide specific instructions based on your medical history.

  4. Quit Smoking: If you smoke, Dr. Day will advise you to quit well in advance of your surgery. Smoking can significantly impair healing and increase the risk of complications.

  5. Arrange for Assistance: Plan to have someone drive you to and from the surgery and stay with you for at least the first night after the procedure.

  6. Prepare Your Home: Set up a comfortable recovery area in your home with essential items within easy reach, such as medications, water, and snacks.

  7. Follow Pre-operative Instructions: Dr. Day will provide detailed pre-operative instructions, which may include fasting guidelines if general anesthesia is used.

Following these preparation steps carefully, as advised by Dr. Day, will help ensure a safer surgery and a smoother recovery from FFS.

What to Expect During Facial Feminization Surgery

During Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) with at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery in Bellevue, patients can expect a comprehensive, personalized surgical experience, typically involving the following steps:

  • Arrival and Preparation: On the day of the surgery, you’ll arrive at the surgical facility where the medical team, led by Dr. Day, will prepare you for surgery. This includes checking your vital signs, reviewing the surgical plan, and answering any last-minute questions.

  • Anesthesia: To ensure comfort throughout the procedure, anesthesia will be administered. The type of anesthesia used, whether general or local with sedation, will depend on the specific procedures being performed and will be determined by Dr. Day in consultation with the anesthesiologist.

  • Surgical Procedures: FFS can involve a combination of surgeries tailored to your goals. Common procedures include forehead contouring, rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation, lip augmentation, chin and jaw contouring, Adam’s apple reduction, and hairline adjustment. Dr. Day will perform these procedures in a manner that harmonizes with your overall facial structure, aiming for a natural, feminine appearance.

  • Monitoring and Recovery: After the surgery, you’ll be taken to a recovery area where the medical team will monitor your vital signs and ensure you’re recovering properly from the anesthesia. Dr. Day and his team will provide pain management and post-operative care instructions.

  • Follow-up: Dr. Day will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your healing process, remove sutures if necessary, and address any concerns you may have.

The duration of the surgery and the specifics of the recovery process will vary depending on the extent of the procedures performed. Dr. Day is committed to providing detailed, patient-centered care throughout the entire FFS process, ensuring safety and working towards achieving your desired outcomes.


The specifics of your surgery are to be based on your unique aesthetic goals and what Dr. Day thinks is best for your individual circumstances. At the end of the day, his primary goal is to help you look how you feel on the inside, with feminine facial features.

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Recovering From Your Facial Feminization Surgery

Recovery from Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) with Dr. Kristopher M. Day, involves a carefully guided process, with the following general expectations:

  • Immediate Post-Operative Period: In the initial hours and days following surgery, you can expect some swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Dr. Day’s team will provide pain management solutions to ensure your comfort during this early stage.

  • Rest and Downtime: You’ll be advised to take it easy, with plenty of rest and minimal physical activity. This helps to minimize swelling and promote healing. Dr. Day will inform you when it’s safe to gradually resume normal activities.

  • Swelling and Bruising: These are common and will peak within the first week, gradually subsiding over the following weeks. Cold compresses and keeping your head elevated can help reduce swelling.

  • Follow-Up Visits: You’ll have scheduled follow-up appointments with Dr. Day to remove any sutures, assess your healing, and ensure that you’re recovering as expected.

  • Healing Process: The visible signs of surgery typically diminish over several weeks, but internal healing continues for several months. It’s important to follow Dr. Day’s instructions closely during this time to support optimal healing.

  • Returning to Work and Activities: Depending on the nature of your job and the extent of your procedures, you may be able to return to work within 2-3 weeks. However, strenuous activities should be avoided for a longer period, as advised by Dr. Day.

  • Final Results: While you’ll notice changes in your facial appearance soon after surgery, the final results of FFS become fully apparent once all swelling has subsided and the tissues have settled, which can take several months.

Throughout your recovery, Dr. Day and his team at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery will provide support and detailed guidance to ensure a smooth and safe healing process, aiming for the best possible outcomes from your FFS.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Facial Feminization

Like any surgical intervention, there is a risk of experiencing some adverse side effects, which may include facial numbness, bleeding, swelling, bruising, pain, discomfort, infections, and hematomas. Dr. Day will go over all the associated risks of the surgery during your consultation.

At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, there is no fixed cost for facial feminization surgery, as each of our patient's circumstances is different. However, keep in mind that some insurance providers will cover a portion of your surgery, which will help to reduce overall costs.

Yes, most insurance companies cover at least a portion of the costs associated with facial feminization surgery, provided that you meet certain requirements. At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, we work with numerous insurance providers to ensure that our patients receive adequate coverage. We recommend speaking with your health insurance provider to learn more about their policies regarding this procedure.

The duration of your facial feminization surgery depends on your combination of procedures. For instance, if you are undergoing a jawline reduction, chin augmentation, rhinoplasty, and lip augmentation, the surgery could last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.