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About Dr. Kristopher Day, MD, FACS
Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in Bellevue

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Affiliated with Bellevue & Seattle Medical Centers

Dr. Kristopher Day is a Board Certified plastic surgeon with a sub-specialty in craniofacial surgery. He has extensive training and experience in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery, as well as surgery for the face, body, and hands.

Dr. Day is affiliated with hospitals and surgery centers in the Bellevue & Seattle area, including: Swedish Medical Center, Carillon Point Surgery Center, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health and the Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery.

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Extensive Experience & Training

From his small-town roots to Ivy League surgical training to academic practice, Dr. Day has cultivated his premier technical expertise by caring for thousands of patients. He is a compassionate and caring surgeon who wants to help each patient achieve the best version of themselves by creating a customized plan to meet each individual’s goals.

He has held multiple professional leadership positions, participates in many surgical journals, has produced dozens of presentations and publications, and has participated in several service and teaching endeavors in plastic surgery, both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Day draws on this wealth of knowledge to deliver each patient’s best outcome through a thoughtful and evidence-based approach designed to give each patient a safe and effective result. He is dedicated to delivering the highest quality surgical care to all his patients and loves the opportunity to address each ones unique concerns with a creative and personalized approach. He feels there is no greater fulfillment than a happy patient feeling they’ve achieved their unique, individual best.

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