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Can be used on scars resulting from surgical and cosmetic procedures, trauma, wounds and burns, and it can be effective on old or new scars.

Biocorneum 365x275 1 | pacific sound plastic surgery

Obagi Blue Peel

Experience luxury with the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance Kit, offering professional exfoliation for radiant, youthful skin.

Obagibluepeelradiancekit 365x275 1 | pacific sound plastic surgery

Obagi ELASTIderm
Eye Cream

Eye cream with Bi-Mineral Contour Complex™, clinically proven to lessen eye area lines and wrinkles.

Elastiderm 365x275 1 | pacific sound plastic surgery

Obagi Hydrate

Provide instant and long-lasting hydration and rejuvenation day or night, using innovative technologies and naturally derived ingredients.

Obagihydrate 365x275 1 | pacific sound plastic surgery


First prescription product to treat inadequate lashes— It’s clinically proven to deliver lashes that are fuller, longer, and darker at 16 weeks.

Latisse bg 365x275 1 | pacific sound plastic surgery

Obagi NU-DERM Blend

A hydroquinone-free brightening cream specially formulated with arbutin, antioxidants, and an exfoliant to help clarify and brighten skin.

Obagi nu derm blend 365x275 1 | pacific sound plastic surgery

Obagi NU-DERM Clear

Skin-brightening cream specially formulated with nature-identical arbutin and antioxidants that helps improve the look of skin.

Obaginu dermclear 365x275 1 | pacific sound plastic surgery

Obagi Pro-C Serum 10%

The Professional-C portfolio serves as your second line of defense from environmental assailants.

Obagi professional c serum 10 365x275 1 | pacific sound plastic surgery

Obagi Rebalance

An innovative, proprietary blend of postbiotics, hydrating agents, and soothing ingredients that help restore and rebalance the skin's microbiome.

Obagi rebalance 365x275 1 | pacific sound plastic surgery

Obagi SPF 50
Sunshield Matte

Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen combines UVB and UVA protection in an elegant, matte finish that is non-comedogenic and dermatologist-tested.

Obagisunshieldmatte spf50 365x275 1 | pacific sound plastic surgery

Obagi Trentinoin

Topical treatment for acne vulgaris. All Obagi tretinoin formulations are fragrance free. Available by prescription only at our authorized retailers.

Obagitretinoingel 365x275 1 | pacific sound plastic surgery

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Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, nestled in Bellevue, Washington, is a premier destination for top-tier skincare products, extending its services to the broader Seattle area. Under the esteemed leadership of Dr. Kristopher M. Day, our clinic is delighted to offer an exclusive selection of skincare solutions, including the acclaimed Obagi product line, Biocorneum Scar Treatment for advanced scar management, and Latisse for professional eyelash enhancement. These products complement our dedication to non-surgical facial rejuvenation, highlighting our commitment to enhancing your natural beauty through innovative and effective treatments.

Our Bellevue clinic stands as a beacon of excellence in skincare, proudly providing products like Obagi’s comprehensive skincare line, designed to revitalize and maintain skin health. The Biocorneum Scar Treatment, with its advanced technology, is meticulously selected to offer superior scar healing outcomes, while Latisse delivers professional-grade eyelash treatments for fuller, more luscious lashes. Dr. Day’s expertise extends beyond treatments to carefully chosen products that align with our mission to offer non-invasive, yet profoundly impactful, solutions to your aesthetic concerns.

At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to offering an array of services that go beyond expectations. From our cornerstone non-invasive treatments like Chemical Peels, Facial Resurfacing, and Micro Needling to our handpicked skincare products, each aspect of our practice is designed with your beauty and satisfaction in mind. Dr. Day and our compassionate team are devoted to creating a welcoming environment where your care is our priority, ensuring a journey towards enhanced beauty and confidence that is both rewarding and uniquely tailored to you.

Embark on your skincare journey with us at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery. We invite you to experience the harmonious blend of professional-grade products and expert-led treatments, all aimed at harmonizing your external beauty with your inner confidence. In Bellevue, let us be your guide to a radiant complexion and unparalleled self-assurance, where your satisfaction is the testament to our success.

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