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Brow Bone Reduction

What is Brow Bone Reduction Surgery?

Brow bone reduction surgery, performed by Dr. Kristopher M. Day at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery in Bellevue, WA, is designed to decrease the prominence of the brow ridge, often for individuals undergoing facial feminization or those seeking a softer forehead contour. Dr. Day’s expertise in craniofacial anatomy allows him to carefully reshape the brow bone, which may involve removing or shaving down bone material and possibly repositioning the frontal sinus bone to achieve desired aesthetic results while maintaining functionality.


This specialized procedure requires a high level of skill and precision, as it involves critical facial structures. Dr. Day ensures that every aspect of the surgery, from the initial incision to the final contouring, is meticulously planned and executed to enhance the patient’s facial harmony and support their identity or aesthetic goals. A thorough consultation with Dr. Day is essential for discussing the potential outcomes, risks, and recovery process associated with brow bone reduction surgery.

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Good Candidates for Brow Bone
Reduction / Forehead Reduction Surgery

You may be an ideal candidate for brow bone or forehead reduction surgery in Seattle with Dr. Kristopher M. Day if you:

  • Have received a gender dysphoria diagnosis, indicating a discrepancy between your assigned sex at birth and your gender identity.
  • Wish to modify your physical features to better reflect your true gender identity, particularly if you aim to achieve a more feminine forehead contour.
  • Possess prominently protruding brow bones that contribute to a traditionally masculine facial appearance and are seeking a softer, more feminine look.
  • Are looking to smooth out any rough or uneven areas on your forehead or correct the appearance of sunken or asymmetrical eye sockets caused by pronounced brow ridges.
  • Require facial reconstruction surgery for any reason, particularly if it involves the forehead area.
  • Are generally in good health, both physically and mentally, and have a clear understanding of what brow bone reduction surgery can realistically achieve.

Consulting with Dr. Day can help determine if this procedure aligns with your aesthetic goals and health status, ensuring the best possible outcome for your needs.

Benefits of Brow Bone Reduction / Facial Feminization Surgery

There are a variety of benefits of brown bone reduction/facial feminization surgery, which is considered a gender-affirming procedure that can do wonders for transgender women. It can lead to a flatter, more feminine forehead and diminish gender dysphoria. For even more dramatic results, a brow bone reduction can be paired with other procedures, such as a brow lift, hair transplant, cheek augmentation, rhinoplasty, or lip augmentation. It’s a great way to achieve a natural-looking, more feminine face that increases confidence and self-esteem.

Your Brow Bone Surgery Reduction Consultation

Your facial feminization journey begins with a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Kris Day, our highly skilled and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. During this initial meeting, Dr. Day will get to know you and your unique medical history, transition path, and medication routine. Additionally, he will make sure to thoroughly understand exactly what your aesthetic goals are and how you envision your physical appearance post-surgery. He will use this information to create an individualized surgical plan best suited to help you achieve the feminine appearance you desire.

Dr. Day recognizes that the decision to undergo a brow bone reduction is deeply personal and can be overwhelming. Therefore, he will take the necessary time to address all of your questions and concerns and ensure that you are informed and feeling confident heading into this. Furthermore, we follow the World Professional Association for Transgender Health standards of care, which include the collection of a letter from a licensed mental health professional. This letter confirms that another clinician has diagnosed gender dysphoria and the patient’s desire to undertake an irreversible procedure.

What to Expect During Brow Bone Reduction Surgery

After assessing your facial structure and discussing your aesthetic objectives, Dr. Kristopher M. Day will select the most suitable brow bone/forehead reduction technique to meet your needs. Here’s an overview of the techniques Dr. Day offers:


Type I Technique: This is the most straightforward method where Dr. Day gently shaves down the prominent parts of the brow bone to create a smoother contour, making it the least invasive option.


Type II Technique: This approach involves both the reduction of the brow bone by shaving and the addition of bone cement to enhance the forehead’s contour, providing a more refined shape.


Type III Technique, or Forehead Reconstruction: In this more comprehensive procedure, Dr. Day removes the bone over the frontal sinus, allowing for detailed reshaping before it is securely repositioned, offering significant changes in forehead contour.


Type IV Technique: This method is used for extensive forehead reshaping, where after modifying the bone structure, Dr. Day applies a considerable amount of bone cement to fill any depressions, ensuring a smooth, femininely curved forehead.


Each technique is tailored to achieve the desired outcome, and Dr. Day’s expertise ensures that the chosen method aligns with your goals for a more harmonious facial appearance.

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Brow bone reduction | pacific sound plastic surgery

Recovering From Brow Bone Reduction Surgery

Brow bone/forehead reduction surgeries conducted by Dr. Kristopher M. Day at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery in Bellevue, WA, are typically outpatient procedures that utilize general anesthesia. It’s common to feel some discomfort and pain in the days following the operation, but this can be effectively managed with prescribed pain medications to ensure your comfort.


After the surgery, the area of your scalp above the incision may initially be numb, but sensation will gradually return over the following months. Although the scar may be noticeable at first, it will become less visible over time, especially as new hair grows through the incision area, helping to conceal it further.


Dr. Day emphasizes the importance of post-operative care and will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your healing and remove stitches approximately one week after your surgery. To allow for proper recovery, taking at least one week off from work is recommended, with the exact duration depending on your job’s demands.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Brow Bone Reduction

Yes. Since Dr. Day will make an incision in the scalp, there will be a scar. The good news is hair will grow in the scar area and disguise it over time.

General anesthesia is administered before Dr. Day performs brow bone reduction. As a result, you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. However, there will be some pain after the surgery that can be managed with pain medications.

Compared to female brow bones, male brow bones are longer and larger. The brow bone usually has more projection, which leads to an apparent protrusion in the area where the forehead meets the nose. A female brow bone is typically more curved.

Since the brow bone won’t grow back, a brow bone reduction surgery is permanent. It’s important to keep in mind that injuries or other procedures you choose to undergo may alter your results.