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Voices of our Patients

Discover the transformative power of Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery through the voices of those who’ve experienced it firsthand on our Testimonials page. Each story is a testament to the exceptional care and life-changing results delivered by Dr. Kristopher M. Day and his team. From initial consultations to post-surgery care, our patients share their journeys, offering insights into the personalized approach, professionalism, and profound impact of our treatments on their lives. These narratives not only highlight the skill and compassion of Dr. Day but also serve as a source of inspiration and confidence for future patients contemplating their own paths to rejuvenation and self-improvement.

Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery with Kristopher M. Day, MD, FACS

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Dr. Kristopher Day Testimonials

View a handful of things patients have said about Dr. Day

I had a breast reduction on March 15th! I can’t explain the gratitude I have for Dr. Day and his team. I was a DDD+ some and I’m a comfortable B to small C, which is exactly what I wanted. No more under wire bras for me. The day I bought my first bralette was unforgettable! I’m 100% happy with my results and I would recommend this surgery and Dr. Day! The My Chart app is a must have. My messages were answered within hours and sometimes minutes. Thank you so much for changing my life! Truly life changing!!

Jaci Viren

Just wanted to give a shout out to Dr. Day and the excellent experience I had with my plastic surgery! I am a cancer survivor and had several scars on my abdomen from surgeries I needed for treatments. I was hoping Dr. Day could improve the appearance of those scars with plastic surgery, and I can say I am thrilled with the results. He is excellent at his craft, and everyone in the department I interacted with was very friendly and professional! If you are considering or are in need of plastic surgery, I highly recommend!

Kelly Triplett Larson

Everyone was very nice and professional. They made me feel taken care off. They explained all the procedure and answered all my questions. Surgery went great.

Marta Rodriguez

I was born with microtia and Dr Day built me an ear. It took multiple surgeries, but the results were amazing. Leaving me a place to rest my glasses on and the appearance of two ears when looking from the front. Most people don’t even realize that it’s not an ear I was born with now.

Crystal Will

I couldn't be more thankful for Dr. Day and the level of care and expertise that he provided throughout my entire experience! I had an extended tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo to flanks in November of 2021. I was able to reach Dr Day any time of day or night in the weeks following my surgery. He addressed my concerns immediately and helped to keep me on the right track with the wound healing process. And regarding my results, I'm thrilled! I have NEVER had a flat stomach in my entire life, until now! After 3 cesarians, my stomach was just a limp, hanging kangaroo pouch with zero muscle strength and stretch marks galore. Post- surgery, I love my shape! My abdominal muscles are well sculpted. My core feels so strong and supported. And the scar is very low and easy to hide. Beside manner - I give Dr Day an A+ ; Attention to detail - A+ ; Wound care - A+ ; Results - A+. I recommend Dr Day and his super sweet nursing staff 10/10 to anyone looking to improve their body and boost their confidence!

Stacie Rodriguez

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