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Breast Lift with Implants

A breast lift with implants, or augmentation mastopexy, combines two procedures to enhance both breast fullness and elevation. Dr. Day, at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, performs this comprehensive surgery, which involves inserting implants to increase breast size while also addressing sagging by removing excess skin and lifting breast tissue. Ideal for individuals seeking to restore or enhance breast shape and volume, particularly after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight fluctuations, this surgery aims to create a more youthful and proportionate breast profile. Through personalized consultations, Dr. Day tailors the procedure to each patient’s unique anatomy and aesthetic goals, considering factors such as implant type, size, and placement, as well as the extent of lifting required for the desired outcome. Patients can expect a thorough consultation process to discuss expectations and receive personalized advice, ensuring outcomes that align closely with their vision of beauty and confidence.

Good Candidates for Breast Lift with Implants

Dr. Day, at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, recommends a breast lift with implants for individuals aiming to enhance breast size while correcting sagging, often due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, or aging. Ideal candidates are those in good health, with stable weight and realistic expectations about the surgery’s outcomes. This procedure, tailored by Dr. Day to each patient’s unique needs and goals, is particularly beneficial for those desiring not only a more voluminous bust but also a perkier, more youthful breast contour.

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What to Expect During A Breast Lift with Implants

During the surgery, Dr. Day typically makes incisions, with patterns varying based on individual needs and the extent of lift required. Through these incisions, excess skin is removed, breast tissue is reshaped, and implants are inserted either above or below the chest muscle. Dr. Day may also reposition the nipples and areolae to complement the new breast shape. The procedure, performed under general anesthesia, typically takes several hours to complete, ensuring thoroughness and precision in achieving the desired results.

Recovering From A Breast Lift with Implants

Post-surgery, patients may experience swelling and discomfort, managed with prescribed medications, and will need to wear a support garment to aid the healing process. Recovery involves following specific care instructions and avoiding strenuous activities for a recommended period, with most patients returning to normal activities within a few weeks, while full recovery and the final shaping of the breasts will gradually become evident over a few months. Dr. Day provides comprehensive guidance and support throughout the recovery journey, ensuring optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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Breast Lift with Implants Results

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Day, patients undergoing a breast lift with implants can anticipate a transformative outcome that combines the enhanced fullness of augmentation with the elevated, firmer profile of a lift. This dual approach results in more youthful, voluminous breasts that sit higher on the chest, with improved shape and symmetry. While immediate post-surgical changes are visible, the final results will gradually unfold as swelling subsides and the implants settle into their natural position, typically over several months. Although scarring is an inevitable part of the process, it will fade over time. Dr. Day emphasizes the importance of realistic expectations, as individual results vary based on body type, implant choices, and healing processes. The rejuvenated breast appearance can be long-lasting, particularly when accompanied by a healthy lifestyle and weight maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions About
Breast Lift with Implants

Once a breast implant is in place, scar tissue forms around it and creates a tissue capsule. Capsular contracture is one common risk of breast augmentation. It arises when the breast implant hardens and changes in appearance. Fortunately, the no-touch method we use at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery in Bellevue significantly reduces the risk of this complication.

 Ideal candidates are those who experience sagging breasts due to aging, weight fluctuations, or childbirth and who desire not only a lift but also an increase in breast volume. Dr. Day can evaluate your suitability during a consultation.

We offer a range of implants including silicone, saline, and structured implants. The choice depends on your aesthetic goals and body type. Dr. Day will guide you through the options during your consultation.

During the consultation, Dr. Day will assess your medical history, conduct a physical examination, discuss your aesthetic goals, and recommend the best approach for your needs.

Recovery varies by individual, but generally, patients can return to normal activities within a few weeks. Full recovery and the final results may take a few months. Detailed post-operative care instructions will be provided.

As with any surgery, there are risks such as infection, bleeding, scarring, and complications related to anesthesia. Specific risks associated with implants will also be discussed during your consultation.

Dr. Day aims to provide results that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also natural-looking. The choice of implants and technique are tailored to each patient's body and goals.

Results can be long-lasting, but they are not immune to the effects of aging, gravity, and lifestyle factors. Future pregnancies or significant weight changes can also affect the results.

The cost varies depending on the specifics of the surgery. A detailed quote will be provided after your consultation.

Yes, we offer various financing options to help make the procedure more affordable.

You can schedule a consultation by calling our office at [phone number] or by visiting our website.

It's helpful to bring a list of your current medications, any relevant medical records, and questions you may have for Dr. Day.