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Breast Lift

Good Candidates for Breast Lift

At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, Dr. Kristopher M. Day provides expert Breast Lift procedures, designed for those looking to rejuvenate and elevate their natural contour. This procedure is ideal for individuals experiencing changes in breast shape due to aging, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations. Dr. Day focuses on restoring the breasts to a more youthful and uplifted position, enhancing overall body proportion and symmetry. His approach combines meticulous surgical techniques with a deep understanding of aesthetics to achieve results that are not only physically uplifting but also emotionally empowering. The Breast Lift under Dr. Day’s care is more than a cosmetic enhancement; it’s a step towards renewed confidence and comfort in one’s body. With a commitment to patient-centered care, Dr. Day ensures each Breast Lift journey at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery is tailored to the unique needs and goals of every individual.

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Good Candidates for Breast Lift

At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery in Bellevue, Washington, servicing the residents of the Seattle area, Dr. Kristopher M. Day excels in addressing concerns about breast firmness, elasticity, and position. If you’re displeased with breasts that have lost their youthful shape, seem flat or elongated, or if one breast appears lower than the other, you may be a prime candidate for a breast lift. This procedure is also a fit for those with stretched breast skin that impacts the breasts’ appearance. A consultation with Dr. Day is a crucial step in this journey. During this personalized meeting, he will assess your individual case, discuss the potential for a transformative outcome, and determine if a breast lift aligns with your aesthetic aspirations. Dr. Day’s commitment to tailored care ensures each patient in the Seattle area receives a solution that harmonizes their external appearance with their internal vision of beauty.

Benefits of Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery in Bellevue, Washington, serving the Seattle area, offers a multitude of benefits for those experiencing concerns with their breasts. Under the expert care of the team at Pacific Sound, if you’re grappling with loss of elasticity and firmness in your breasts due to factors like pregnancy, aging, weight changes, or gravity, a breast lift can be a transformative solution. This procedure can rejuvenate your breasts, giving them a younger, more vibrant look that enhances your overall confidence. Not only does it effectively reduce sagging and raise the position of the nipples, but a breast lift can also be an excellent option for correcting asymmetrical breasts. At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, patients receive personalized care tailored to their specific needs, ensuring results that align with their aesthetic goals and contribute to a renewed sense of self-assurance.

What to Expect
During a Breast Lift

At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery in Bellevue, Washington, serving the Seattle area, the approach Dr. Kristopher M. Day takes for your breast lift is meticulously tailored to your unique anatomy and aesthetic goals. Factors like breast size and shape, the degree of sagging, areola size and position, skin laxity, and the amount of excess skin are all carefully considered. In many instances, Dr. Day may recommend combining a breast lift with breast augmentation using implants, or alternatively, with a breast reduction in a procedure known as augmentation-mastopexy.


For those with particularly large or heavy breasts, a combination of breast lift and reduction might be the most effective approach. Dr. Day is committed to achieving the best possible outcome, which includes minimizing the visibility of any scarring. Techniques involve strategically placing scars around the areola or under the breast, and guiding patients through optimal scar healing methods.


The most common incision for a breast lift is the anchor incision, encompassing an incision around the areola, downwards to the breast crease, and a half-moon shape at the breast base. For smaller lifts, the lollipop incision is popular, following a similar pattern but omitting the incision at the breast’s base.


Before your breast lift, Dr. Day will provide a comprehensive overview of what to expect before, during, and after the procedure, emphasizing patient safety and comfort. The goal at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery is not just to perform a procedure but to ensure each patient feels fully informed, relaxed, and confident in their decision for breast augmentation surgery.

Recovering From a
Breast Lift

After your breast lift surgery at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery in Bellevue, Washington, Dr. Kristopher M. Day and the dedicated team will provide you with comprehensive recovery instructions and guidance on managing any side effects. It’s essential to rest and free your schedule from responsibilities and social events for a few days post-surgery. Additionally, we encourage gentle activities like walking the next day to promote blood circulation and lung function. Most patients typically experience moderate to minimal swelling during the first few weeks following the surgery.


Returning to your regular routine is usually possible within two to three weeks, but heavy lifting and strenuous exercises, particularly those involving the chest or over-the-head movements, should be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks. Throughout your recovery, we’ll schedule multiple follow-up appointments at our Bellevue office to ensure proper healing.


For desk job workers, resuming work about a week after the procedure is often feasible, provided you avoid heavy lifting and vigorous physical activities. Our team at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery is committed to your safe and efficient recovery, offering detailed instructions and attentive follow-up care. As you heal, you’ll begin to appreciate the beautiful, natural results of your breast lift, observing the transformation as the swelling subsides and your new contours emerge.

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Breast Lift Results

Experience the remarkable transformation of a breast lift surgery at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery. Dr. Kristopher M. Day, a board-certified plastic surgeon, specializes in an auto-augmentation breast lift technique. This method elevates the breast and nipple, enhancing their appearance without removing any tissue. It’s particularly effective as it reshapes and utilizes your existing breast tissue to achieve perkier, more youthful-looking breasts. If your procedure includes breast augmentation or reduction, Dr. Day skillfully employs the same incision point, significantly reducing scar visibility. This approach, focusing on redistributing your own fat and breast tissue, eliminates the need for implants or silicone. It’s an ideal option for those who have undergone major weight loss, whether through bariatric surgery or dedicated diet and exercise, offering a natural, rejuvenated breast profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions About a Breast Lift

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure designed to raise and reshape sagging breasts. The procedure typically involves removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to provide new contour and improved breast support.

Ideal candidates are individuals experiencing breast sagging due to aging, weight changes, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. Candidates should be in good health, have realistic expectations, and not be planning future pregnancies which could affect results.

A breast lift focuses on repositioning and reshaping existing breast tissue, while breast augmentation specifically increases breast size using implants. Sometimes, these procedures can be combined.

The surgery involves incisions (patterns vary depending on the degree of lift needed) through which excess skin is removed, and the nipple and areola are repositioned or resized. The breast is then reshaped, and the incisions are closed.

Recovery typically involves swelling and discomfort for a few days. Most patients can return to work and light activities within a week, but strenuous activities should be avoided for about a month.

As with any surgical procedure, risks include infection, bleeding, scarring, and complications related to anesthesia. There are also risks specific to breast lifts, such as changes in nipple or breast sensation.

A breast lift can provide long-lasting results, but it's important to maintain a stable weight and overall health to preserve results. Aging and gravity will continue to affect the breasts over time.

Scarring is an inevitable part of the surgery, but the extent varies based on the technique used. Scars typically fade over time and are positioned to be as inconspicuous as possible.

The cost varies depending on the complexity of the procedure. A detailed quote will be provided during your consultation.

Yes, various financing options are available to assist with the costs of the surgery.