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Jaw Reduction Surgery
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The chin and jawline are important facial features that can have a significant impact on your face. If you’re unhappy with them, a genioplasty or jaw reduction surgery is worth exploring. This procedure is designed to reshape the chin and jawline to improve facial harmony. Dr. Day, a seasoned craniofacial surgeon at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery in Bellevue, serving the greater Seattle area, has a keen eye for detail and unique expertise required to perform genioplasty or jaw reduction surgery.

What is Jaw Reduction Surgery?

The goal of a genioplasty or jaw reduction is to improve the location, shape, or size of the chin. It’s often a part of facial feminization or facial masculinization surgery for transgender individuals. Depending on your unique situation and aesthetic goals, a genioplasty can be paired with other procedures, like a rhinoplasty or facelift, to allow for more dramatic and balanced results.

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Good Candidates for Jaw Reduction Surgery

You might be a good candidate for jaw reduction surgery in Bellevue if you:

  • Are bothered by a large, protruding chin or small, weak chin.
  • Have a misaligned jaw or congenital chin deformity.
  • Would like to improve my chin profile.
  • Have realistic expectations.
  • Are in reasonably good health.
  • Are a non-smoker.

Benefits of Jaw Reduction Surgery

Through jaw reduction surgery, you can improve your facial proportions and/or achieve a more feminine or masculine facial appearance. Since a genioplasty is highly customizable, it can help you meet your specific goals, which may be greater definition in the jaw, resolved facial asymmetry, and a more aesthetically pleasing facial contour. As long as the procedure is performed by a highly experienced Bellevue Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Day, it may improve your confidence and self-esteem.

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What to Expect During Your Jaw Reduction Surgery

Jaw reduction surgery is an outpatient procedure that usually takes about two hours and involves a hidden incision inside of the mouth, directly behind the lower lip. Once general anesthesia is administered, Dr. Day will perform a sliding genioplasty or chin implant surgery.

A sliding genioplasty cuts part of the chin bone to slide it backward, forward, or side-to-side and create the ideal appearance. Chin implant surgery involves implants, which are usually made of shaped silicone and inserted into the chin area to improve facial harmony. Dr. Day will decide on the ideal technique and treatment plan during your consultation.

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Recovering From
Jaw Reduction Surgery

After a genioplasty, you’ll experience bruising and tightness surrounding the chin, as well as some inflammation. You can manage this discomfort through prescription medication and ice packs. Dr. Day will encourage you to keep your face bandaged for a few days and begin walking the day following the procedure to help reduce swelling. Depending on your situation, you may be able to return to work and your everyday activities in one to two weeks. However, it may take several months for the swelling to fade away.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jaw Reduction Surgery

After the procedure, you may notice tenderness, pain, redness, bruising, swelling, and/or numbness. The good news is these side effects are short-lived and resolve within weeks or months.

You should use a soft-bristled toothbrush very gently after jaw reduction surgery. We encourage you to clean your mouth with a waterpik device for the first two weeks after surgery

It depends on your unique goals. During your consultation, Dr. Day can help you determine if another procedure, like a rhinoplasty, facelift, or cheek augmentation, makes sense.

Dr. Day will recommend a soft food diet for about two weeks after the procedure to minimize chewing and promote healing. This can include foods like chicken broth, apple sauce, yogurt, and scrambled eggs.

In many cases, genioplasty changes the appearance of the neck in addition to the jaw and chin. You may enjoy a leaner, more youthful neck profile.

Yes, the results of a genioplasty are immediate and permanent. You can expect the final results to appear between three to 12 months, depending on the technique performed.