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It can be a challenge to get rid of excess, overhanging fat in your midsection. If you’ve tried to flatten your stomach through diet, exercise, and other non-invasive procedures, yet haven’t achieved the results you’d like, a tummy tuck may be a great option. Here at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery in Bellevue, we are pleased to offer tummy tuck surgery, otherwise known as abdominoplasty, for individuals longing for a slimmer, firmer, and tighter midsection. Read on to learn more about our highly rated tummy tuck procedure in Bellevue.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck, medically known as abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that aims to create a firmer, flatter abdomen by removing excess fat and skin and tightening muscles in the abdominal wall. This procedure is particularly beneficial for individuals who have experienced significant weight loss, pregnancy, or aging, which have led to sagging skin or weakened muscles in the abdominal area.

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Good Candidates for a Tummy Tuck

If you have loose or excess skin around your abdomen that’s resistant to diet and exercise, you may be a great candidate for a tummy tuck. We often recommend this procedure to women who have undergone pregnancy and childbirth, as these life events often lead to stretched abdominal muscles that are difficult to reverse. You should be within 30 pounds of your goal weight, commit to a healthy lifestyle after the procedure, and have realistic expectations about the results.


Generally speaking, good candidates for a tummy tuck include anyone:

  • Post-pregnancy or childbirth
  • Post significant weight loss
  • Post-bariatric surgery
  • Struggling to lose weight in their midsection

What to Expect From a Tummy Tuck Procedure

Here at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, we are pleased to perform a variety of abdominal rejuvenation procedures so that we can customize a plan to your goals. This might include a drainless tummy tuck, progressive tension closure for greater tightening, and combination liposuctions. Our board-certified Bellevue plastic surgeon, Dr. Kris Day, uses a special layered suturing and other techniques to achieve the best outcome suited to your body’s needs.

He’ll apply a TAP or Transversus Abdominis Plane nerve block, which is an injection of local anesthetic that numbs the skin and abdomen muscles for up to three days and delivers optimal pain control.

Compared to a traditional tummy tuck, a drainless tummy tuck allows for, no drain-related aftercare, reduced scarring, and improved comfort. After a drainless tummy tuck, results should be visible almost immediately. However, it may take several months for you to see the final results of your flat, tightened abdomen.

This tummy tuck procedure typically takes 2-3 hours and is performed at our accredited surgery center in Bellevue.

Recovering From a Tummy Tuck

Fortunately, it’s far easier and even a bit faster to recover from a drainless tummy tuck than a traditional tummy tuck. During the first week after the surgery, you may experience some discomfort, but you should be able to manage it well with pain medication. While we’ll encourage you to take short walks to keep your blood flowing and minimize swelling, you should relax and take it easy. We recommend that you have someone you trust to look after you in the days following your procedure.

Once week two rolls around, you’ll likely feel a bit better and maybe cleared to return to work and perform light duties. Since there won’t be any drains, you’ll be able to walk and stand up straight without many issues. The third-week mark is when you’ll feel closer to your normal self and resume most of your activities. We’ll inform you of when you can perform heavy lifting and rigorous exercise.

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Tummy Tuck Results

After your tummy tuck procedure, you can expect to experience a small waistline, a flattened stomach, and an overall slimmer appearance in your midsection. You’ll find that your clothes fit better, you feel lighter and more energetic, and your self-confidence will skyrocket like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tummy Tuck Procedures

A tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure. In fact, our plastic surgeon suggests that tummy tuck candidates are close to their ideal weight and commit to a healthy lifestyle after the tummy tuck.

Tummy tucks performed at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery are permanent. As long as you maintain your weight, the results from your tummy tuck will not disappear. This is a permanent solution to a slimmer, firmer midsection.

It is important to understand that a tummy tuck is not a substitute for eating healthy and exercising regularly. While tummy tuck results are permanent, they can be diminished by drastic fluctuations in your weight. For this reason, leading a healthy lifestyle after a tummy tuck is crucial.

If you get pregnant after a tummy tuck, your results will not last. For this reason, we encourage patients to wait until they are done having children before undergoing a tummy tuck procedure. This is the ideal procedure for someone looking to tighten and firm their midsection post-childbirth.

Here at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, our patients often choose to combine a tummy tuck with another procedure, such as liposuction or breast augmentation. This is referred to as a “Mommy Makeover” and is an excellent choice if you’d like to tighten and slim your body and feel more confident after having children.

Possible side effects of a tummy tuck procedure include swelling, bruising, pain or discomfort in your midsection, and overall aches and pains. Overall, this is a very low-risk procedure with very effective results. However, there are always potential risks, including possible reactions to anesthesia and infection. Your Bellevue plastic surgeon Dr. Kris Day will walk you through all the possible side effects and risks prior to your tummy tuck.