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The No Touch Technique

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Breast augmentation is usually accomplished with an implant, which is either made out of silicone or saline. Implants can be supported by the body’s own tissue, but it is important that no bacteria are introduced at the time of placement. This is to ensure both that infection does not occur acutely, but also that an “over-scarring” phenomenon, known as capsular contracture, does not happen later. There are a number of things a surgeon can do to prevent both of these from happening, including the use of antibacterial fluid washes of the surgical site and injection of antibiotics during surgery, as well as the use of a device called the Keller funnel to facilitate the “no-touch” technique. The Keller funnel is a device that was developed by a plastic surgeon to minimize the amount of contact that the hands of the surgeon and surgical technician have with a breast implant. When used correctly, this device can prevent any contact with an implant from its sterile package to placement within the chest. It was originally modelled after a cake pipetting tool but has undergone a number of revisions to its current state of highly regulated and studied use and approval by the FDA. It’s use involves taking a breast implant from its sterile packaging and essentially pouring it directly into the Keller Funnel, which is kept sterile as well. Then the implant is literally funneled into the chest in the sterile cavity that was previously dissected. The implant is thus taken from a sterile package to a sterile surgical site with a sterile transfer device, thus preventing contamination entirely. The use of a Keller funnel is one of the many elements of quality that I employ to give my patients the best outcome that they can experience. This, in addition to using a betadine-containing wash solution and the utmost sterile technique, allows me to have peace of mind along with my patients that their outcome is going to be achieved as safely and reliably as possible. So be sure to reach out to info@krisdayplasticsurgery.com to learn more about what we can offer to help achieve your plastic surgery goals as safely as possible using additional quality measures like the “no-touch” technique. I look forward to speaking with you for your free consultation.

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