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What to Expect During Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

What to Expect During Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

It can be intimidating to reach out for help of any kind, let alone the kind that might involve discussing highly personal issues that you might be self-conscious about. But despite these real concerns, feelings of anxiety need not be part of a plastic surgery consultation. The creation of a safe space for open sharing without pressure and in a non-threatening environment are fundamental parts of your consultation.

It starts with an inviting and authentic culture of caring. We truly enjoy and believe in what we do, which we hope shows through to each new potential patient that comes in for a consultation. Next is getting to know you as a person to understand your specific reasons for reaching out for possible treatment. This helps us understand your goals. Some patients request a specific procedure or product first, which is sometimes reasonable, but we believe that most important is a mutual understanding of the goals you are trying to achieve and designing a customized treatment plan that can help you achieve them.

At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery you are not pressured to undertake any procedure or treatment. We believe that providing information to potential patients, along with the options, risks, and benefits of each can inform and empower each person to make the choice that is best for them. There are many elements to consider when choosing an approach, whether they be recovery time, outcome expectations, cost, or other considerations. You will receive general information about each option and then transition into more specific details about the plan that sounds most in line with your goals.

Then comes the specifics, such as determining, for example, your preferred size of breast implant, the individual features of your face and neck you want to rejuvenate in your facelift, or the areas of wrinkling that you want Botox to address. We discuss the procedure itself. Dr. Kristopher Day enjoys drawing your surgery for you to help you visualize the process, as well as encourage further dialogue about the details of the recovery process, any activity limitations, special garments, drain cares, or other important details that follow your procedure. There is time for description of any insurance preapproval or out-of-pocket payment plan.

At your preoperative appointment, we review the information we have discussed and then explore any questions you might have. We also like to describe the surgical day check-in process and preoperative instructions so that there are less unknowns. We send prescriptions and make follow-up appointments before your surgical day so that you are most prepared and review medication and discharge instructions. A preoperative packet is completed before the surgical day so that all you need to do is arrive and go through the check-in process. We believe this allows you to focus on the important aspects of your recovery process, such as arranging whatever care provider, special cushions, or other resources might make you most comfortable.

The surgical and non-surgical experience in plastic surgery is a journey that starts with your consultation. Make sure that your surgeon and the practice you choose is focused on you and your well-being from start to finish. At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery we are proud to put you and your goals first from the start of your consultation. So reach out to us today to learn what personalized care plan we can explore with you to achieve your goals!

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