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Breast Augmentation

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A breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty (or what some call a “boob job”), is a surgical procedure intended to increase breast size. This is usually achieved by inserting implants that are made out of either silicone or saline through an incision most commonly in the fold under the breast. There are also less common approaches that use a patient’s own fat from other parts of their body, or a combination of fat and implants. Augmentation mammoplasty is sometimes combined with a breast lift if there is a significant amount of sagging of the breast prior to augmentation, either at the same time (augmentation-mastopexy) or during a separate surgery.

An augmentation mammoplasty should not only make the breasts larger, but if the surgery is well-planned and executed, then it can also improve breast contour, symmetry, and fullness, thereby resulting in an overall better-appearing chest. Size selection is ultimately each patient’s choice, and it is common for some to want a more natural result while others seek a more noticeable change. Breast augmentation can also overcome naturally-occurring anatomic imperfections that occur in some women, such as constricted or asymmetric breasts. Some things you can expect from a breast augmentation are:

  • Fuller, larger breasts
  • Increased definition of the upper breast
  • Tightened appearance of the breast tissue
  • Increased symmetry of breasts that significantly differ in size or shape
  • More youthful appearance of the chest
  • Increased self-confidence

If you are interested in a breast augmentation, remember that this procedure requires surgery in an operating room and you should expect some recovery time. Breast tissue is also routinely screened for cancer with a mammogram, ultrasound, or other imaging study, which is important to complete prior to performing surgery on the breast. An augmentation mammoplasty is performed by plastic and reconstructive surgeons and produces a scar on or around the breast. In good candidates, a breast augmentation can be performed as an outpatient in an ambulatory surgical center, though recovery time is proportional to the complexity of the procedure. Patients who undergo a breast augmentation are usually thrilled they decided to act on their desire for a fuller chest.

If you would like to learn more about a breast augmentation, reach out to Kristopher M. Day, MD, FACS by emailing Info@KrisDayPlasticSurgery.com to schedule a complementary consultation. Dr. Day has extensive experience in breast augmentation and loves designing an individualized surgical plan to meet each patient’s goals!

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