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A breast lift, or mastopexy, can yield a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. This can have the power to restore self-confidence for those concerned about the natural descent of their breasts over time. Deflation of breast fullness and progressive sag is not uncommon following childbirth with breast-feeding, significant weight loss, or simply the natural aging process. Many therefore consider a breast lift to restore a more elevated position of their breast and nipple. Although all breast reductions also produce a lifted breast, the reverse is not true. A breast lift may be performed without reducing the size of the breast or while making it bigger in combination with a breast enlarging procedure, called an augmentation-mastopexy.

The breast is made up of skin, fat, and glandular tissue. A breast lift may modify one, two, or all three of these components. Some things that a breast lift can produce are:

  • Lifted breast position on the chest
  • Tightened skin and breast tissue
  • Decreased sagging appearance of the breast
  • Decreased areola and/or nipple size
  • Increased symmetry of breasts that differ in size or shape
  • Decreased functional impairment related to sagging breasts
  • More youthful appearance of the chest
  • Increased self-confidence

If you are interested in a breast lift, remember that this procedure requires surgery in an operating room and you should expect some recovery time. Breast tissue is also routinely screened for cancer with a mammogram, ultrasound, or other imaging study, which is important to complete prior to performing surgery on the breast. A mastopexy is performed by plastic and reconstructive surgeons and produces a scar on the breast in order to achieve an raised position, and this incision pattern is usually either a “donut,” “lollipop,” or “anchor,” which is matched to each patient’s individual needs. In good candidates, a breast lift can be performed as an outpatient in an ambulatory surgical center, though recovery time is proportional to the complexity of the procedure. Patients who undergo a mastopexy generally very happy that they made the commitment to rejuvenating their youthful appearance.

If you would like to learn more about a breast lift, reach out to Kristopher M. Day, MD, FACS by emailing Info@KrisDayPlasticSurgery.com to schedule a complementary consultation. Dr. Day has extensive experience in breast lifts of all kinds and looks forward to speaking with you about your goals!

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