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Internal Bra Breast Augmentation



Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that usually uses silicone or saline implants placed either under or above the chest muscle to enlarge the chest. The external soft tissue is usually sufficient to support a breast implant, but sometimes additional support is required, such as after significant weight loss or other impact on the chest that thins the skin and fatty tissue under the skin, or in the case of surgical revision of a previous augmentation procedure. While complication rates are low, sometimes various conditions can arise after a previous breast augmentation that requires that augmentation to require revision surgery for things such as: implants misplaced or asymmetric implant position, capsular contracture, rippling, or contour irregularities. All of these conditions may be improved with the use of an “internal bra,” which refers to a support mesh that is placed – along with the implant – into the chest cavity to buttress the implant itself. This mesh is later resorbed, but first the tissues around it have healed into a supportive structure, called a capsule, that supports the implant. The use of an internal bra can assist in supporting an implant in a position that allows for: repositioning implants into a more ideal position, taking some of the stress off of the soft tissue envelope to support the implant, preventing sagging, or “ptosis,” from occurring as quickly, correcting previously mal-positioned implants, or simply to support a larger implant. So, for some patients, the internal bra technique may be key to their long-lasting, most natural, and best outcome. And the internal bra procedure is not just reserved for augmentation revision, but may also be used in primary, or first-time, breast augmentation, or it may be used in primary or revision augmentation-mastopexy. If you may be interested in the internal bra procedures, contact us at info@krisdayplasticsurgery.com or at 425-818-8991 to learn more about internal bra breast augmentation or augmentation-mastopexy. This may be key to reach your plastic surgery goals. We look forward to speaking with you for your free consultation.

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