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Internal Bra - Galaflex

Galaflex “Internal Bra” Breast Suspension

Begin your journey towards a sleek, defined neckline with 2ml of Kybella, the revolutionary neck fat treatment, complemented by a personalized consultation with Dr. Kristopher Day at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery.


Elevate your breast surgery results with Galaflex, the innovative “Internal Bra” breast suspension system designed to provide unparalleled support and shape. Galaflex offers a revolutionary approach to enhancing the longevity and aesthetics of breast lift and augmentation procedures. Made from a safe, bioresorbable scaffold, it acts like an internal bra, offering additional support to the breast tissue and implants. This cutting-edge technology gradually integrates with your body’s tissue, promoting natural collagen production to maintain the desired contour and position of the breasts over time. Ideal for individuals looking to achieve a more youthful, uplifted breast profile with lasting results, Galaflex represents the pinnacle of surgical innovation—combining the art of aesthetics with the science of support to redefine what’s possible in breast enhancement.


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