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Facial Feminization Surgery: See Stunning Before and After Results

Facial feminization surgery - facial feminization surgery before and after

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) Highlights:

  • Defining: A group of procedures that facilitates the transformation from male to female by feminizing the features traditionally identified with masculinity.
  • Result: Major impact on affirming one’s gender identity and boosting self-confidence.
  • No Digitally Alteration: Most ‘Before and After’ photos showcase natural transformations without any digital alterations to present a clear picture of what’s possible.
  • Diversity: FFS results vary from person to person based on their unique facial structures and individual needs.
Infographic detailing key markers in facial feminization surgery - facial feminization surgery before and after infographic pillar-3-steps

Are you considering transforming your appearance to affirm your gender identity? Wondering how Facial Feminization Surgery could potentially change your life? If so, we’d like to welcome you to an exploratory journey that unveils the stunning transformations achieved by those who’ve undergone Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) with us, at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery.

Facial Feminization Surgery isn’t just about beautification or achieving an idealized standard of femininity. It’s about reshaping and refining facial features to bring them in harmony with a person’s felt identity—a crucial aspect of the transition journey for many trans women and non-binary individuals.

At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, we commit to the provision of diverse representation in our patient gallery—showing you unbiased, genuine transformations, irrespective of beauty stereotypes or popularity concerns. We understand your journey is unique and we’re here to provide support and top-notch medical expertise as we tread this path together.

Before we delve deeper, let us set the stage with some raw emotions and genuine experiences from our patients. As you navigate through their before-and-after stories, you’ll witness the human side of FFS – the joy, the satisfaction, and the profound impact it has on their lives.

Infographic demonstrating facial feminization surgery changes - facial feminization surgery before and after infographic pillar-4-steps

For each story and picture you view, remember one thing: visualizing an end result is essential in making an informed decision on a path as significant as this. Our ultimate goal as your medical team is to provide you with the best knowledge and expertise to make the right choices for yourself.

Understanding the Facial Feminization Surgery Process

Embarking on your journey towards facial feminization surgery is an exciting time, brimming with anticipation for transformative results. At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, we believe in guiding you through this process with clarity, transparency and empathy. Let’s break down the process into three stages: the initial consultation and planning, the day of the surgery, and post-surgery care and recovery.

Initial Consultation and Planning

Your facial feminization journey begins with an in-depth consultation with our expert, Dr. Kris Day. This isn’t a rushed meeting. Instead, it’s a time for understanding your medical background, transition history, past surgeries, medication regimen, and most importantly, your desired physical appearance. We believe in creating a safe space for open sharing, without pressure, in a non-threatening environment.

Dr. Day will examine your facial features, taking precise measurements and a facial CT scan. He uses this information to develop a customized surgical plan, aiming to help create the feminine appearance you desire. You’ll have the opportunity to review various facial feminization surgery before and after photos to visualize the potential results of your surgery.

At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, we adhere to the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) standards of care. This includes the collection of a letter from a licensed mental health professional, confirming your diagnosis of gender dysphoria and desire to undertake an irreversible procedure.

The Day of the Surgery

The procedure is an outpatient one, taking place at our accredited plastic surgery center in Bellevue. Depending on your unique aesthetic goals and Dr. Day’s recommendations, you may undergo forehead contouring, brow lift, cheek augmentation, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, jaw and chin contouring.

Our primary goal is to help you look how you truly feel on the inside. Assuring your comfort and safety is our top priority.

Post-Surgery Care and Recovery

After the procedure, Dr. Kris Day and the team will provide detailed instructions for the recovery process. During the first few days following the procedure, you should avoid sleeping on your face and keep your head elevated using pillows.

Our team will remain readily available to answer any questions and provide support throughout your recovery period. We are committed to making your transformation journey as comfortable and smooth as possible.

Each facial feminization surgery before and after story is unique, and the pace of recovery can differ. However, with expert care and guidance, you can look forward to unveiling your new, authentic self.

Common Procedures in Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a transformative process that involves several procedures, each aiming to soften and reshape masculine facial features into a more feminine appearance. At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, we customize each patient’s surgical plan to their specific needs and goals. Here, we delve into some of the most common procedures involved in FFS.

Forehead Contouring

Forehead contouring is often a key procedure in FFS, as the forehead is a prominent gender-defining facial feature. This process involves reducing the brow bone and reshaping the forehead to achieve a smoother, more feminine contour. Our expert, Dr. Kristopher M. Day, employs advanced techniques to ensure a natural, harmonious result.

Brow Lift

A brow lift is another common procedure in FFS. It involves raising the eyebrows to a higher, more feminine position on the face. This procedure can also help reduce horizontal forehead lines and wrinkles, contributing to a more youthful appearance.


Rhinoplasty, or a “nose job”, is often performed to reshape and refine the nose to complement other facial feminization procedures. This might involve narrowing the nose, reducing the size, or adjusting the angle to create a softer, more feminine look.

Lip Lift

A lip lift is a procedure designed to create fuller, more defined lips. This is achieved by shortening the space between the nose and the upper lip, which gives the lips a more plump and youthful appearance.

Adam’s Apple Reduction

The Adam’s apple, or thyroid cartilage, is a characteristic feature of the male anatomy. In FFS, an Adam’s Apple Reduction (also known as chondrolaryngoplasty or thyroid cartilage shave) is performed to reduce its prominence, contributing to a smoother, more feminine neck contour.

V Line Jaw Surgery

Finally, V Line Jaw Surgery is a procedure aimed at sculpting the jaw and chin to create a slimmer, more feminine facial outline. This sophisticated technique can significantly contribute to achieving a delicate and softer facial appearance.

Each of these procedures plays a crucial role in the overall transformation achieved in facial feminization surgery before and after. These procedures are tailored to each individual’s unique needs and goals under the expert guidance of Dr. Kristopher M. Day. Our mission at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery is to provide safe and natural results that affirm and enhance your identity.

Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery’s Approach to Facial Feminization Surgery

At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, our approach to facial feminization surgery is unique. We prioritize your needs, safety, and use state-of-the-art techniques to ensure the best results.

Personalized Procedures

We understand that everyone has unique physical characteristics and personal goals. That’s why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, our expert surgeon, Dr. Kristopher M. Day, tailors each procedure according to your specific needs and desires.

During your plastic surgery consultation, we take the time to understand your goals and design a customized treatment plan. We ensure that you’re not pressured into undertaking any procedure. Our primary aim is to inform and empower you to make the choice that is best for you.

Safety and Natural Results

Your safety is our topmost priority. We adhere to the highest standards of surgical care and ensure the operation is performed in a secure, controlled environment.

We believe in achieving natural-looking results. After all, the aim of facial feminization surgery isn’t to change who you are but to enhance your natural beauty and affirm your identity. We work meticulously to ensure that the results of the surgery align seamlessly with your overall facial structure, resulting in a natural and balanced look.

State-of-the-Art Techniques

We’re constantly staying updated with the latest advancements in plastic surgery to provide you with the best care possible. Our surgical techniques are on the cutting edge of facial feminization surgery. For instance, we perform Adam’s Apple Reduction without any incisions on the neck, using a state of the art technique where the cartilage is shaved.

We also use innovative techniques like the type 3 brow bone contouring cranioplasty, which is performed with no visible incision, leading to minimal scarring and a quicker recovery time.

In conclusion, our approach to facial feminization surgery at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery is truly patient-centered. We prioritize your individual needs, safety, and comfort, and use the latest techniques to ensure optimal results. The transformation seen in our facial feminization surgery before and after photos is a testament to our commitment to help patients achieve their desired appearance.

Before and After: Real Results from Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery

It’s one thing to discuss the details of facial feminization surgery, but it’s quite another to see the transformative results for yourself. Below, we spotlight three of our patients’ journeys with Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, led by our expert, Dr. Kristopher M. Day, MD, FACS.

Case 1: Forehead Contouring and Brow Lift

Our first patient came to us seeking a more feminine forehead and brow bone. After performing a type 3 brow bone contouring cranioplasty, the change was remarkable. What was notable about this case was the fact that we didn’t need to make any visible incisions, thanks to Dr. Day’s expertise and state-of-the-art techniques. The patient’s satisfaction and confidence post-surgery made all the difference to us.

Case 2: Rhinoplasty and Lip Lift

Our second case involved a patient who wanted a more feminine look to her forehead, nose, and lip. Dr. Day performed a type 3 forehead contouring, brow lift, rhinoplasty, and a lip lift. The transformation was noticeable just three weeks after the procedures. Her new, more feminine look was not just about physical changes but also about how much more comfortable and confident she seemed in her own skin.

Case 3: Adam’s Apple Reduction and V Line Jaw Surgery

Our third case was a patient who wanted a reduction in the size of their Adam’s apple, and a more feminine and delicate appearance to their jawline. Dr. Day performed an innovative chondrolaryngoplasty, also known as an Adam’s apple reduction, without any incisions on the neck. Additionally, he sculpted the jaw and chin with V line jaw surgery. The patient was thrilled with the results, which offered a softer and more feminine profile.

These before and after examples showcase the transformative power of facial feminization surgery and our dedication to personalized, patient-focused care. Each case is unique, and no two surgeries are exactly the same. At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, we go the extra mile to understand each patient’s individual needs and desires. We then craft a surgical plan that aligns with their goals, ensuring that the results are not only aesthetically pleasing but also affirm and enhance their identity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Facial Feminization Surgery

After detailing about the various aspects of Facial Feminization Surgery, it’s now time to address some common queries. Here, we’ve answered a few frequently asked questions about facial feminization surgery.

How Long Does Facial Feminization Surgery Last?

The duration of your facial feminization surgery largely depends on your unique needs and the number of procedures you’re undergoing. If you’re opting for multiple procedures like jawline reduction, chin augmentation, rhinoplasty, and lip augmentation, the surgery can last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. However, this varies from patient to patient, and Dr. Day will provide a more accurate timeline during your consultation.

How Much Does Facial Feminization Surgery Cost in the US?

The cost of facial feminization surgery can vary greatly as it depends on the procedures you’re opting for. On average, the cost is around $26,000 according to recent surveys. But at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, we understand that every patient’s circumstances are different. Therefore, there is no fixed cost for facial feminization surgery at our clinic. We advise discussing with your health insurance provider as most cover at least a portion of the costs associated with facial feminization surgery.

How Painful is Facial Feminization Surgery?

Pain is subjective and varies from person to person. However, most patients describe facial feminization surgery as causing more discomfort than actual pain. Post-surgery, you might experience numbness and a lingering feeling of sedation. But rest assured, our team at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery will guide you through the recovery process, and any discomfort can be managed effectively with medication.

What Does Facial Feminization Surgery Do?

Facial feminization surgery is a set of procedures performed to give the face a more feminine appearance. This can include altering the hairline, augmenting the lips and cheekbones, or reshaping and resizing the jaw and chin. These procedures are highly personalized, and Dr. Day will work with you to create a surgical plan that aligns with your goals and desires.

At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, we’re committed to providing personalized care to all our patients. We offer a comprehensive range of minimally invasive, surgical, and non-surgical procedures to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. If you have more questions about facial feminization surgery before and after, get in touch with us.

Conclusion: Transform Your Appearance with Facial Feminization Surgery

Making the decision to undergo facial feminization surgery is a significant life event. It’s about more than just physical transformation—it’s about aligning your outer appearance with your inner identity and boosting your self-confidence.

Why Choose Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery for Your Transformation

At Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, we understand the importance of this journey. Dr. Kristopher M. Day, MD, FACS, our expert surgeon, is experienced in performing facial feminization surgery that produces natural-looking results.

We focus on providing personalized care tailored to your unique needs and goals. Our commitment to diversity is evident in our gallery of real patient transformations, which showcases the stunning results of individuals from different ages, ethnicities and nationalities.

Our goal is to create a safe and supportive environment where you can comfortably embark on your transformation journey, knowing that you’re in the hands of an expert team dedicated to your well-being.

How to Schedule a Consultation with Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery

Ready to explore your options for facial feminization surgery? Scheduling a consultation with us is the first step towards understanding how facial feminization surgery might complement your identity perception.

During the consultation, we’ll determine if surgical options are appropriate for you and discuss what is essential and optional in your case. We’re here to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your goals and expectations.

To get started, simply contact us to set up a consultation. We are excited to accompany you on this transformative journey, providing expert care every step of the way.

Pacific sound plastic surgery consultation - facial feminization surgery before and after

It’s never too soon or too late to take the first step towards a journey of transformation. Let Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery be your trusted partner in this journey, helping you achieve a face that mirrors your true self. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you realize your dream of a more feminine facial appearance.

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