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Local Anesthesia - Exparel

Exparel (liposomal bupivacaine) Long-Lasting Local Anesthesia

Begin your journey towards a sleek, defined neckline with 2ml of Kybella, the revolutionary neck fat treatment, complemented by a personalized consultation with Dr. Kristopher Day at Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery.


Experience a breakthrough in post-surgical recovery with Exparel, a long-lasting liposomal bupivacaine that offers a new level of comfort and convenience following your procedure. Exparel provides targeted, local anesthesia, delivering up to 72 hours of pain relief after surgery, significantly reducing the need for opioid pain medications and their associated risks. This innovative, non-opioid option is seamlessly integrated into your surgical plan, allowing for a more comfortable, rapid recovery so you can return to your daily activities sooner and with less discomfort. Exparel’s unique formulation slowly releases medication at the site of your surgery, managing pain directly at its source and setting a new standard for post-operative care. Embrace the future of surgery with Exparel, where enhanced comfort meets accelerated recovery.


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